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Erg Chigaga, Morocco
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Ait Kine granary, Morocco
Cerro Torre, Argentina

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About Us.

This is our mantra and we’ve been hearing it for as long as we can remember. It’s written in our souls and stamped to our feet. We carry it everywhere and we share it with everyone. This is what Boots and Roses is all about.

Reach out to us if you share our beliefs or if you want to go beyond your comfort zone, into the depths of self-discovery. The world is waiting for you in its full splendour. Just put on your boots and hit the road.

We’re here to listen, understand and help you design a journey that will change your world!

More About Us

How we do it.

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We start with a conversation

By phone, by email or over a cup of coffee. We’ll delve into your needs, passions, travel style and budget to understand what you’re really looking for in this new adventure. Perhaps you know exactly where and when you are going, perhaps not. Either way, we will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise to insure you make the best decision and choose the right path.

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Continue with a draft itinerary

Now that the when, the where, the how and the why are sorted out, we’ll start gathering the ingredients to craft a bespoke itinerary that matches your expectations. We will propose hotel and transfer options as well as the most convenient flow and pace to make sure you relax and savour every moment of your experience, without feeling like you’re rushing around.

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Add flavour and fine tune

You will know by now where you’ll be going and where you’ll be staying, but you are still to figure out what you’ll be doing. It is at this stage that we’ll provide you with a wealth of local activities and experiences that match your personality and style. We’ll guide you in this fun part, we’ll bounce ideas around and help you add just the right amount of spices to turn this into a memorable trip.

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Send the final itinerary

As soon as we’re done with the fine tuning, you’ll get the final itinerary. Don’t worry if you wish to make minor tweaks to the trip. No commitment is necessary until you’re perfectly happy with the plans.

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Confirm arrangements

If this is indeed it (and we hope it is), we’ll collect a 25% deposit of the total amount to confirm all reservations and arrangements. Full payment will be made 90 days prior to departure date.

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Set you off for a new adventure

It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Your itinerary, together with the helpful information we provided,  will guide you throughout the trip. Our local in-country team will make sure everything runs smoothly. And we’re  always just a phone call away if you need our assistance from day 1 until your return home.

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Hear your stories

Our “affair” will end the same way it started, with a candid conversation. We’d love to hear your feedback and comments to understand you better and offer the best advise for your next journey.


Founder / Travel Designer

A linguist by education and a travel professional by passion, Cezarina has been up to her ears in this industry since 2005 when her love affair with hospitality started in Egypt. Ever since, she dedicated her time to bringing guests to - and keeping them happy in - Morocco as part of the management team of two luxury hotels. Packed with creativity, expertise and a deep love for human diversity, she changed camps and founded Boots and Roses, an exclusive travel design company that focuses on experiential travel to a handful of destinations.

Travel Maverick

When she’s not working, Cezarina is a full-time mom and a travel guru to her young daughter, Maya. Together they embarked on a year-around-the-world journey that ended in August 2017, just in time for school. She believes in the transformational power of travel, has explored nearly 40 countries and will continue doing so, involving Maya in the process as much as possible. Her favourite country is Syria and she dreams of wandering through the date groves of Palmyra, sipping tea with the Bedouins while taking in the beauty and simplicity of life far from it all. Let’s hope this dream won’t end up in the utopic bin!

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